Electric boards for regulation and / or grid connection

In addition to its turbines, Turbiwatt also offers electric board solutions for regulation and grid connection.

The turbines developed by Turbiwatt directly generate energy to grid standards (230 V single phase or 400 V three phase, 50 Hz) according to the head and flow the generator was designed for. Hence, they can, on this basis, be directly connected to any conventional electrical appliance (such as an electric radiator) in islanding mode (not connected to the grid) as long as the energy consumed equals the energy generated.


Electronic board for T1300 Tigre, T800 Lion and T400 Leopard turbines. In conformity with EN 50438 standards

The electronic board developed by Turbiwatt uses an IGBT technology to ensure 3 main functions; braking, grid connection and surveillance. It integrates two electronic cards with STM microprocessors, an IGBT power module, a grid disconnector, turbine and grid circuit breakers, a grid connection contactor. Operation status lamps on the front façade indicate the presence of grid voltage, presence of turbine voltage and grid connection indicator. The touch screen allows the control of the correct functioning and management of the different modes. It also allows real time control of the physical parameters measured (active and reactive power, energy, voltage, intensity, power factor, number of hours). The electronic board is installed between the turbine and the grid and is associated with ballast resistors. The Datawatt communication module and surge protector are integrated in standard from 20 kW onwards (optional below 20 kW). The board can also integrate the grid disconnecting relay in accordance with the DIN VDE 0126 standard.


Dump load (ballast resistors)

The electric board automatism can lead to temporarily discharge part or all of the energy generated during the grid syncing phase or if disconnected from the grid. A dump load must be installed to answer this requirement. They can be composed from any permanent system that is capable to absorb temporarily the real power of the turbine once connected to the grid (generally 20% to 30% more than the nominal power of the turbine in islanding). A radiator or hotplates are suitable as long as they are in accordance with security rules regarding heat sources (fire).

Turbiwatt offers professional ballasts that are perfectly adapted to each installation and to the maximum power output when grid tied. Stainless steel air or water cooled, modular one or multiple units.