Electric boards for regulation and / or grid connection

In addition to its turbines, Turbiwatt also offers electric board solutions for regulation and grid connection.
- Three phase regulation and grid connection board FRIWATT
- Three phase regulation board STARTWATT isolated sites (< 10 kW)
- Three phase grid connection board STARTWATT for grid tied sites (< 10 kW)
- Single phase LYNX regulation and grid connection box
- Other regulation and grid connection solutions

The turbines developed by Turbiwatt directly generate energy to grid standards (230 V single phase or 400 V three phase, 50 Hz) according to the head and flow the generator was designed for. Hence, they can, on this basis, be directly connected to any conventional electrical appliance (such as an electric radiator) in islanding mode (not connected to the grid) as long as the energy consumed equals the energy generated.

When the energy generated is destined to be sent to private or national grid, the syncing of both energy sources is obligatory: the grid connection function is then required.
When the generation is tied to an independent grid (not connected), electric regulation must be ensured in order to compensate the load variations per phase and/or absorb instantly any unused excess energy: the regulation function is then required.

Likewise, during the start-up phase, in case the flow varies significantly or the valves are closed (an obstruction for example) the current (voltage, frequency) can vary enough to the point where it is no longer compatible with sophisticated electrical appliances of lower tolerance (for example electronic devices).

Turbiwatt has developed, for its different range of turbines, electric regulation and/or grid connection boards that notably allow :

  • Automatic management for grid or other turbine connection.
  • Regulation of the current and excess load
  • No risk of high voltage. The electronic card automatically takes over control if disconnected from the grid.
  • Protection in case of overload with automatic discharge in the dump load (ballasts).
  • Automated reset cycles.
  • Excellent efficiency compared to traditional solutions. Once connected to the grid, the electronic card remains in surveillance mode and all the energy generated is sent to the grid.
  • Protection in case of default from the grid with automatic discharge in the dump load (ballasts).
  • An unequalled value for money in consideration of its reliability and simplicity.

Different distinct electric boards are offered by Turbiwatt

Three phase FRIWATT board

l'armoire électronique de TurbiwattRegulation and grid connection board for the Leopard and Lion Turbines

It consists of a lacquered steel board which includes, around the electronic card, the elements of power and a ventilation system. On the front, as well as light indicators, the numeric interactive screen displays the main information linked to the turbine operation. The control software of the electronic card is personalised according to the parameters of your installation and the fine tuning of the connected turbines.

The cupboard is designed to offer the possibility (eventually) to directly control relays (for example the valves) or ensure the management of the site via smartphone.


STARTWATT regulation and grid connection boards

The STARTWATT boards are as simple and economical solution for powers up to 10 kW max.

They're declined in two versions:

  • Three phase regulation board : In isolated site, it will ensure the regulation in case the loads are unbalanced on each phase and will also regulate the harmonics to maintain grid standard current on the islanding grid. A dump load (ballasts) is associated with the board and determined according to the turbines power (< 10 kW) which ensures the unused power is discharged into the load when energy consumption is lower than the power generated.
  • Three phase grid connection board: designed to ensure the connection with the grid (EDF for example), it allows the grid connection when the turbine starts. The regulation is then provided by the strong grid on which the turbine sets itself. A dump load (ballasts) is associated with the board and determined according to the turbines power (<10 kW) which ensures the discharge load if the grid connection isn't made.

Adding the local required grid disconnection relay (France: standard DIN V VDE V 0126-1-1) makes it conform to national requirement.

Associated with electric regulation and grid connection boards, Turbiwatt turbines offer an economical and performant solutions for perfectly regulated energy with 100 % fed into the grid.

In cases where a site is subjected to important head variation (tide for example), a more traditional solution including an inverter will be favoured to the boards developed by Turbiwatt. The constant head variation does not allow, for a specific turbine adjustment, constant grid standard tension and frequency.

Turbiwatt is able to advise you with the most adequate solutions taking in consideration each site specifications. Traditional inverters have lower efficiency than Turbiwatt solutions (efficiency 8 to 12 % lower).

Electronic regulation and grid connection box for the Lynx Turbine

Inserted into a compact lacquered steel box (200 x 200 x 50), the electronic card is positioned between the turbine, the grid; and the ballast resistors. Completely automated, the box automatically ensures all functions described above. By adding a grid decoupling relay makes it compatible with grid standards (for France ERDF).

For further information, download the technical specification sheet of the regulation and grid connection solutions.


Dump load (ballast resistors)

The electric board automatism can lead to temporarily discharge part or all of the energy generated during the grid syncing phase or if disconnected from the grid. A dump load must be installed to answer this requirement. They can be composed from any permanent system that is capable to absorb temporarily the real power of the turbine once connected to the grid (generally 20% to 30% more than the nominal power of the turbine in islanding). A radiator or hotplates are suitable as long as they are in accordance with security rules regarding heat sources (fire).

Turbiwatt offers professional ballasts that are perfectly adapted to each installation and to the maximum power output when grid tied. Stainless steel air or water cooled, modular one or multiple units.