The energy from the source

Turbiwatt is a young innovative company created in 2010 following a strong conviction following ten years' experience in the field of micro hydroelectricity.

"If hydroelectricity is an old technology, nothing has really been developed to answer the important needs of low and very low heads. The potential to equip low heads will be considerable as soon as we will know how improve the performances of these machines and lower their manufacturing cost to offer a profitable solution to its operator."


At a time of energy transition, pico & micro hydroelectricity answers all the issues of tomorrows' society:

Renewable energy and "zero carbon footprint", it brings many other advantages such as 24/24h operating without depending on wind nor sunshine.

Scattered across an entire country, the turbines allow a supple "network" once connected to existing grids, in particular,  regions located far away from main energy production, relying on nuclear power or thermal energy.

Depending in the characteristics of the site, it's also possible, in many case studies, to stock the energy by optimal management of the valves.

A savoir-faire and manufacture in France

Turbiwatt is a French company, based in Brittany, close to Lorient (Morbihan).
Turbiwatt takes care of the design, manufacture and the control of the hydro generators in their establishment in Caudan. The pre-set of the turbines and the personalised configuration of the electronic cards for regulation at grid connection is carried out in our workshop according to the characteristics of each project.

Strengths and means

Turbiwatt, has since its creation, brought together the expertise, skills and the means to fulfil its ambitions.

Created in 2010 by Jean Christophe Maillard, with the assistance of first class European energy specialists and engineers, Turbiwatt has developed its brand new concept of hydro generators with renowned European specialists.

This is the case of Mr Daho Taghezout, professor at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). He is a European reference when it comes to generators and has participated in very important hydroelectric projects: Three Gorge Dam (China), Itaipu Dam (Brazil), High power wind turbines (Alsthom)


Turbiwatt has been rewarded twice for its innovation.

Laureate of the Trophées de l'innovation 2014 (Trophy for innovation), in the Industry category awarded by the Camber of Commerce and Industry of Morbihan.

2013 Laureate of the Crisalide Trophy (innovative company of less than 3 years), awarded by the Brittany Region.

Turbiwatt also manage to convince the right financial investors from the beginning of its project.

Finaréa Avenir PME, an investment fund specialised in accompanying young small and medium innovative companies, is a reference shareholder and has been backing Turbiwatt since its creation.
Their involvement enabled in particular the financing of the important initial phase of Research & Development and the validation of the prototypes before beginning the phase of production and commercialisation.