T800 Lion

Nominal power 6 to 60 kW depending on head and flow
Nominal head
from 1,40m up to 8m, above, please consult us
Nominal flow
from 250 l/s up to 1 400 l/s, above, please consult us
 corrosion treated stainless steel
Three phase high efficiency generator 400 volts 50 Hz
Permanent magnet technology

The Lion turbine is optimised for heads of 1,20 m up to 8 m and flows of 250 litres up to 1 5400 litres/second. The innovative technology positions it at the top of all modern hydroelectric solutions for the equipment or renovation of mills or any industrial sites that generate low to medium flows.

The nominal power output is from 6 to 60 kW, in three phased 400 volts which can be directly connected to basic appliances (such as electric heating) or, connected to private or national grid through the regulation and grid connection board (optional).

Installation can be carried out for one unit, in series or in parallel, and can be positioned either vertically, horizontally or inclined. The Lion turbine is a hydroelectric turbine designed for great durability and minimum maintenance.

The turbine is composed of the following parts:

  • Turbine with adjustable blades (when stopped) all steel components have received anticorrosion treatment on the inside and outside.
  • The propeller blades are of "Marine" quality bronze
  • Draft pipe in fibre reinforced concrete, outlet designed to be connected to standard 600mm diameter pipes.
  • Extension concrete draft pipe (optional) is necessary for flows above 550 litres/second
  • Direct drive permanent magnet generator guaranteeing high efficiency and excellent reliability.
  • An electric board (optional) for grid connection or regulation for isolated sites.

Installation is simple and civil works limited. The bearings are designed to operate 100 000 hours. Water tightness is dually ensured, first by the water tight stator/rotor set in resin and reinforced by the high performance mechanical ceramic seals

For further information, download the technical specification sheet of the Lion turbine.