T300 Puma

Nominal power from 0.4 to 2.5 kW depending on flow and head
Net head from 1 m up to 4 m
Flow from 35 to 140 litres/second
Turbine body in stainless steel
Blades in fibre loaded polymer
Alternating current 230 V single phase/50 Hz directly to grid standards

The T300 is versatile, suitable for low heads and small flows, just like the Lynx T250, the legendary turbine at the origin of Turbiwatt (production suspended in 2018). The goal was to expand its operating range so that it could take on a wider spectrum of uses in terms of both flow rate and head, which had been very limited up to that point (heads of 1.2 m to 2 m and flows of 50 to 70 l/s). The T300 is designed for heads from 1 m to 4 m and flow rates from 35 to 140 litres/second. Furthermore, the plastic has been replaced by stainless steel and, as with our other ranges, its settings are set in the factory.

Ideal for private and professional users, in wastewater treatment plants as well as in mills, in factories as well as in the bush, compact and easy to use, the T300 meets all requirements. A detailed installation guide is supplied with the turbine: easy to install, the T300 requires little civil engineering and it is to be installed by yourself.

The T300 turbine can be installed either horizontally, vertically or inclined, together with its concrete draft pipe (delivered with the turbine). An appropriate screening must be installed upstream of the turbine to protect it from possible jamming. The draft pipe or the outlet pipe must be submerged downstream under at least 10 cm of water to prevent any air from entering the turbine. The turbine will directly generate alternating current 230 V single phase/50 Hz to grid standards for the specifications (H & Q) it has been designed for.

Download technical specification sheet T300 Puma