T800 hydroelectric turbine

T800 hydroelectric turbine

Models from 6 to 55 kW

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Kaplan bulb type with fixed hydraulic settings
Rated power 6 to 55 kW depending on height and flow rate
Nominal flow rate from 250 l/s to 1400 l/s
Nominal head from 1,2 to 8,0 m
Integrated high-efficiency three-phase permanent magnet generator 400 V 50 Hz (60 Hz on request)


Ultra-compact, it can be integrated into existing or retrofit environments with great installation flexibility.

Submerged, it is invisible and silent

Sturdy and long-lasting

Standardized, it is cost-effective for your low-waste projects

Decarbonized by nature, it meets today’s climate challenges


Head and flow define the power available for each project:


  • A study enable to identify the head and turbinable flow.
  • Blade and guide settings are customized to suit these characteristics
  • Generators are sized according to power and rotation speed

  • Turbine housing in corrosion-resistant steel and stainless steel
  • Marine bronze propeller blades
  • Sealed resin-coated stator and rotor
  • Concrete and polyester extensions available

  • Horizontal
  • Vertically
  • Inclined

Always associated with its fiber-reinforced concrete cone (supplied with the turbine) ; above a certain flow rate, a cone extension is required (optional)

To prevent air ingress, the suction cone must be completely submerged under at least 20 cm of water downstream.

A suitable screen and valve must be installed upstream of the turbine.

The turbine must be placed in a water chamber of sufficient volume, with a minimum height of water above it to avoid vortex phenomena.

Several turbines with different power ratings can be installed in parallel to optimize seasonal flow variations

The turbine directly generates 400 V 3-phase / 50 Hz alternating current (60 Hz optional) to grid standards for the site characteristics (net head and flow rate) for which it has been designed.

The energy can be used directly on islanding electrical equipment (outside the distribution network).

For connection to the grid (self-consumption or resale), we offer a regulation and coupling cabinet.

Three-phase power generation requires a balanced, three-phase installation.

Connection to the grid requires authorizations and/or contracts with the distributor, in accordance with current national regulations and standards.

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Case study

Neuf mill

Mr Montel contacted us in 2014 to launch his hydroelectric project.
Located in Morbihan, on the banks of the river Le Loc’h, the Moulin Neuf has good potential for the installation of two T800 turbines.

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Neuf mill

Nos autres réalisations

Centrale hydroélectrique de Markovci

Centrale hydroélectrique de Markovci

Projet datant de mars 2018 pour l’équipement d’une turbine T800 de 14 kW intégrée à un barrage.

Moulin de Lexos

Moulin de Lexos

Projet réalisé en juin 2018. Utilise une Turbine T1300 couplée à une armoire électrique turbiboard, afin d’exploiter le débit d’attrait du barrage.

Moulin de Keralys

Moulin de Keralys

Projet finalisé en octobre 2019. Turbines connectées à des armoires Turbiboard et reliées directement au réseau EDF.


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