Neuf mill

Published on 20-04-2017


Installed turbine2 T800 turbines and 1 bell valve
Installed power2 x 15 kW
Flow rate equipped2300 L/s
Head height2,8 m

Mr Montel contacted us in 2014 to launch his hydroelectric project. Located in Morbihan, on the banks of the river Le Loc’h, the Moulin Neuf has interesting potential. It is possible to install two T800s, each set for a flow rate of 0.75 m3/s and a head of 2.8 m, producing 15 kW of power. The total installed power is therefore 30 kW and is available when the flow rate is 1.5 m3/s.

The dimensions of the water chamber allow 2 T800 turbines to be installed in parallel at the bottom.

Initially, the site was in fairly good condition and little work was required to complete the hydroelectric project. However, a fish pass and a grate change were installed to ensure the site’s ecological continuity.

A few years after buying his turbines and with a view to optimising his output, Mr Montel fitted one of them with an electric bell valve. This enables him to shut down one of his turbines so that the second can operate at nominal power during periods of low flow (early autumn to late spring).

Mr Montel, delighted with his project, agreed to appear on the national TV channel France 2 to talk about his hydroelectric project: