Bell Valve

Bell Valve

Available for our 3 turbine ranges

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Control of turbine opening and closing

Local or remote electrical control

Low-flow operation


The position of the bell affects the flow absorbed by the turbine :

  • When the valve is open, the turbine operates at its nominal flow rate
  • When the flow decreases in the river, the gate must be lowered to absorb a lesser flow, so as not to lower the water level upstream.
  • When the valve is closed, the turbine is completely stopped and no more water passes through the blades.


The stainless steel bell is set in motion by a hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic assembly is completed by the pump of your choice:

  • A manual pump
  • A manually-operated electric pump

The descent speed is constant and controlled by a flow regulator.

Electric pump

T400 hydroelectric turbine :

  • Height open : 900 mm
  • Height closed : 700 mm
  • Top diameter : 216 mm
  • Bottom diameter  : 400 mm

T800 hydroelectric turbine :

  • Height open :  1250 mm
  • Height closed : 950 mm
  • Top diameter : 339 mm
  • Bottom diameter  : 660 mm

T800 hydroelectric turbine :

  • Height open : 1950 mm
  • Height closed : 1450 mm
  • Top diameter : 582 mm
  • Bottom diameter  : 1950 mm

Length of electric hose: 8,0 m (consult us for other lengths)


The manual pump :

  • Width : 120 mm
  • Depth : 220 mm
  • Height : 700 mm

Lever size : 540 mm

Reservoir volume: 3 liters

Pump must be bolted vertically to the wall

Electric pump :

  • Width : 225mm
  • Depth : 275 mm
  • Height : 570 mm

Motor : 750 W – 4 single-phase poles

Weight : 15kg

Reservoir volume : 2,5 l

The pump must be mounted vertically using the 4 9mm-diameter holes in the mounting flange.

The standard motor power cable is 3 meters long.

Position selection (up/down) is made manually by means of a lever

The motor is powered from a standard 230V 50Hz socket

  • Stainless steel bell
  • Stainless steel cylinder
  • R2T 25C reinforced synthetic hydraulic hose
  • Stainless steel flexible end

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