Our Applications

Do you have a mill, fish farm, wastewater treatment plant or other industrial site near a watercourse?

Our solutions are suitable for equipping new hydroelectric facilities, but they can also be easily integrated into existing installations.

Create your own hydroelectric power station

  • How to you know your potential?
  • How can you realise your potential?
  • How to finance your project?
  • How to make a success of your project?


Optimise your hydroelectric power station

  • Renovating your outdated turbine
  • Increase your production capacity
  • Turbine instream flow
  • Turbine the attraction flow of its fish pass


Choose your turbine

Hydroelectric power generation is an important source of renewable energy in many countries. However, to make the most of this energy source, it is essential to choose the right hydroelectric turbine for the site and the specific needs of the project.

We help customers to define and choose the right equipment for their site, and to find the best solution for implementing it, based on the data provided to us by our customers.

  • Power calculation
  • Installation principles
  • Simplified maintenance

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