Our products

Turbiwatt has developed a complete, customised solution for low head hydroelectric projects.

Our hydroelectric turbines

We offer three ranges of Kaplan bulb type hydro turbines with fixed hydraulic settings

T400 hydroelectric turbine

Rated power from 2 to 12 kW

Heads from 1,60 to 7,0 m

Equipment flow rate from 100 l/s to 320 l/s

T800 hydroelectric turbine

Rated power from 5 to 55 kW

Heads from 1,20 to 8,0 m

Equipment flow rate from 250 l/s to 1400 l/s

T1300 hydroelectric turbine

Puissance nominale de 24 à 130 kW

Heads from 1,20 to 7,0 m

Equipment flow rate from 900 l/s to 4000 l/s

Our electrical cabinets

We offer two types of electrical cabinets specially developed for our turbines: the Turbiboard for connection to the distribution network and the load shedding cabinet for supplying a heating system not connected to the network.

Turbiboard electrical cabinet

Connection to the distribution network

Securing the installation

Production supervision

Load shedding box

Powering a resistive heating system

Not connected to the domestic network

Power up to 9 kW

Our automated valves

We offer solutions for manual or automated management of the flow absorbed by the hydroelectric turbine

Bell valve

Control of turbine opening and closing

Local or remote electrical control

Reduced flow operation


Upstream water level management

Production optimisation

Monitoring the hydroelectric plant and remote control

Floating Booms

Environmental management around your hydroelectric power station

Permanent debris booms

Security booms


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A comprehensive service offering

for every step of your project

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