Load Shedding cabinet

Load Shedding cabinet

Controlling off-grid heating solutions

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Power supply for electric resistance heating systems not connected to the mains supply. 3-6-9 kW


The operation of this cabinet is simple:

  • The energy produced is first dissipated in the ballast resistor.
  • When the heating circuit is switched on, energy is sent directly to this circuit.

This box protects the turbine against runaway and heating circuit faults.

Complies with NFC 15-100 standard

Ballast resistors

The cabinet is supplied with a ballast resistor adapted to the power of the installation. This 580 V DC resistor is immersed in your watercourse, and is essential for turbine operation:

It brakes the machine to allow coupling at 50 Hz (or 60 Hz).

Makes the turbine safe in the event of a power cut

Load shedding cabinet : 330 x 430 x 250 mm

The Turbiboard is maintenance-free.

The cabinet must be installed in a dry, naturally ventilated area, away from any splashing water.

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