Create your own hydroelectric power station

How to know your potential?

Two elements are essential for the installation of a turbine:

  • A head ranging from 1.2 m to 8 m
  • A flow rate of 100 L/s to 4000 L/s

Let us know what information you have and we’ll tell you what the potential is.

The power available on your site is defined by :

P = H x Q x h x 9.81

H: net head Q: flow used h: overall efficiency (between 75% and 85%)

You don’t have this information? We have the solution: a team of engineers is at your service. As part of a feasibility study, they will travel to you to take all the measurements required to ensure that the turbine operates correctly.

How can you realise your potential?

Whether it’s a project for a mill, a fish farm, a water treatment plant or any other industrial site, the operation is the same.

All you need for a hydroelectric project is a watercourse with a sufficient flow, a head and permission to install a turbine. We can also help you with the administrative aspects.

Our turbines are totally immersed, silent and integrated into the environment. They can be installed wherever and however you choose:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Inclined
  • In a water chamber
  • On exit from the pipe

How to finance your project?

A feed-in tariff guarantees the resale of the energy produced at a fixed price for 20 years. Thanks to this advantageous contract, hydroelectric projects are profitable, offering security to the banks, which can finance up to 80-95% of the project.

We can help you draw up your business plan by working with several banks.

How to make a success of your project?

Building a hydroelectric project is one thing, making it a success is quite another. However you can make it stay simple, by trusting us.

To begin with, it is essential to identify its potential.To do this, we offer a feasibility study, during which our engineers visit your site to size the turbine to be installed.

Then you need to take the necessary steps to operate your watercourse.This is often the longest stage, but if you speak to the right people it can be speeded up.

Once you’ve drawn up an action plan and taken action, you obviously need to monitor your production on a regular basis.Every 2 years, preventive maintenance is carried out on our premises to pamper your turbine.

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