Choosing the right turbine adapted to your potential

Turbiwatt is a French designer and manufacturer of micro hydroelectric turbines, specialised in solutions for very low heads 1,20 m up to 8 m).

Turbiwatt offers a range of three turbines for professional usage, built around three different diameters that allow the coverage of nearly all hydroelectric potential for low heads from 1,20 m up to 8 m and flows from 90 litres up to 3 600 litres/second.

Leopard T400 3 to 9 kW: head from 1,20 m up to 6 m and flow from 90 up to 250 litres per second
Lion T800 6 to 60 kW: head from 1,20 m up to 8 m and flow from 250 up to 1 400 litres per second
Tigre T1300 24 to 120 kW: head from 1,20 m up to 7 m and flow from 700 up to 3 600 litres per second (Prototype spring 2017)

Turbiwatt also offers a pico-turbine designed for domestic usage, the Lynx :

Lynx T250 400 to 800 W : head from 1,20 m up to 2 m maximum and flow from 50 to 70 litres per second




The power output of the hydroelectric turbine is directly proportional to the head and the flow. The theoretical power of a site can be calculated with the following formula: 


The power output of the hydroelectric turbine is directly proportional to the head and the flow. The theoretical power of a site can be calculated with the following formula:

P (KW) = Q (m3s) x H (m) x g x R

[P = Power in KW, Q = Flow in m3 / second, H = Head in meters, g = coefficient of gravity = 9,81, R = Coefficient of yield (generally 0,80)]


Using the synoptic table below, you will be able to carry out a first evaluation of the potential of your site and determine which type of Turbiwatt turbine seems better adapted and its potential nominal power.

You will be able to calculate the power potential and determine the type of Turbiwatt turbine(s) that is optimal according to your sites characteristics.

By combining several turbines in series or in parallel the range of operation and application can be considerably widened since all variants of installation are conceivable.


For further information, download the Turbiwatt turbines specification sheet.


Turbiwatt is at your disposition to help you evaluate the potential of your site

Turbiwatt is foremost designer and manufacturer of its turbines that are built in our workshop in Brittany.

Our customer assistant is on the choice of the equipment adapted according to the site characteristics and on the optimal solution for implementation. Turbiwatt ensures evidently the assistance in commissioning upon request.

We do not intervene in the preliminary site studies to collect hydraulic statistics or procedures with local authorities. Contact us, we will be able to recommend one of our competent partners to help solve your problems.

Our role is also to assist the engineers and masons for an optimal installation and realisation of the plans for your project. A certified electrician will always be required for the grid connection to comply with national procedures and standards (in France).

Engaging in the project of installing a hydroelectric turbine a thrilling project but also an important one in which you should not venture without thought nor guidance. In order to run and execute a project efficiently, each aspect must be subject to a detailed study which includes:

  • A precise hydraulic study regarding the flow variation (flow duration curve),
  • An administrative period, in order to obtain all necessary authorisations, which also includes a section on environmental impact,
  • A civil engineering study to foresee surrounding work to be done,
  • An electrical study with connection to the grid, for projects that aim to sell the electricity produced,
  • Finally, an economic and financial study to assess the return on your investment.


Turbiwatt and our network of approved distributors are there to help you regarding these procedures.
Please, feel free to contact us