Turbiwatts innovation

Reliability and lowered maintenance, compact and autonomous, economical, excellent efficiency, flexibility of installation and operation, directly usable energy, immersed and noiseless, carbon footprint of the energy produced equal to zero.

• 10 m² of solar panels is required to reach a power output of 1 kW at midday on a sunny summer's day, and depending on the amount of sunshine in the year 10 m² will generate in between 750 to 1250 kWh of electricity per year in France.
• One turbine Lynx T250 of 800 Watts will generate more than 7 000 kWh in a year, the equivalent of 70 m² solar panels.
• One turbine Lion T800 of 36 kW will generate more than 300 000 kWh in a year, the equivalent of 3 000 m2 of solar panels.

  • Very compact turbines designed for very low heads (1,2m up to 8m)
  • An extremely simple design in order to guarantee reliability (low maintenance)
  • High performance generator exceeding 95% efficiency, and over 80% efficiency for the turbine
  • Greater flexibility in installation (horizontal, vertical, in series, in parallel...)
  • Electricity directly generated to grid standards (400 volts three phased or 230 volts single phased / 50 Hz) in home consumption or connected to the grid after syncing.
  • Immersed, silent and totally integrated into the environment,
  • A reduced investment allowing rapid return on investment

By choosing permanent magnet (PM) constant speed synchronous generator technology, Turbiwatt turbines directly generate tension to grid standards (230 V single phase or 400 V three phase depending on the model, 50 Hz or 60 Hz optional).

The innovative character of the turbines developed by Turbiwatt, is based on the technological choices that were, until now, reserved for more powerful turbines and, an original know-how developed by Turbiwatt.

For further information, download the sheet "Turbiwatt, energy from the source"

Constant speed permanent magnet generators

The traditional solution of a frequency inverter, the loss of power generated is around 10%, associated with an additional investment cost of 30% and a ten-year life span for the electric board.

To avoid these constraints, and cover the hydro power range (head, flow, RPMs) Turbiwatt has developed:

  • A solution of standardised multipolar rotor from 24 to 6 poles.
  • An identical design of stators for all ranges of speed which allows the standardisation of parts and significant cost cuts
  • Completely set in resin, the stator block is watertight by construction.
  • The design of the casing of the generator (top of turbine) enables the assembly for any given power (head and flow)

By design and construction, Turbiwatt generators have almost no cogging torque nor harmonic distortions, which favours the output and absence of vibrations (increased reliability without wearing of the bearings). The segmentation of the magnets reduces the losses and overheating of the turbine.

For each site studied, depending on the head and the flow available, Turbiwatt will define the optimal type of generator adapted to the potential (number of poles / RPM / length of the axis / Adjustment of the guide vanes and propeller blade). Thus, the turbine selected, with the personalised generator will directly produce three phase 400 volts current (50 Hz or 60 Hz) that will allow, after syncing, direct grid connection with an excellent efficiency.

The hydro turbine

The turbines have been designed using the latest knowledge regarding hydraulics, Turbiwatt turbines offer a global output (turbine + generator) that is always above 80% in the optimal application ranges.

Interfaces for regulation and grid connection

The technology of the electronic regulation and grid connection cards offered by Turbiwatt offers two decisive advantages that directly impact the efficiency:

  • Personalised card parameters according to the characteristics of the site in order to optimise the performance,
  • The electronic card goes on surveillance mode once connected to the grid, which means that all the energy produced is sent to the grid.

The technologies associated in the Turbiwatt solution allow a gain of 8 to 12 % of power compared to other solutions on the market.

Simplicity = Reliability

Our turbines are simple, reliable and need very limited maintenance!

Turbiwatt's choice of integrated generators with direct drive from the propeller blades, reduces friction and areas of wear to the strict minimum. Only the bearings and mechanical seals have to be checked, although they are designed for 100 000 hours (More than 10 years!)