Bell valve

Many sites are subject to important seasonal flow variations. In this case, it is often interesting to installation two (or more) turbines in parallel, this will allow flexibility in operating and maximising production according variation in flow.

This will require a system that can shut off individually one (or more) turbine once the flow is insufficient to operate with all units.

Turbiwatt has designed an autonomous bell valve that can shut off, individually, a turbine.

This enables to lengthen considerably the operating time. This solution notably allows to reduce the civil works required as only one water entrance is needed.

  • Stainless steel bell valve, set on a manually operated hydraulic jack,
  • Individual shut off of each equipped turbine
  • Electric operating in option
  • Available for turbine Lion T800 from 6 to 15 kW, (depending on head)
  • Development underway for other powers of Lion T800 and Leopard T400

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Stand-alone generators

Turbiwatt's major innovation relies in its capacity to miniaturise very high performance synchronous generators susceptible to be directly integrated inside the body of turbines. Compact, reliable and watertight, they can be used in many different applications:

  • Mill water wheels
  • Standalone generator for other types of turbines
  • Wind turbines, Hydrokinetic turbines etc.

Designed according to the specific project parameters, they are delivered in a steel casing set on legs so that they can be bolted on a stand, they can be connected to a gear box or a system of drive belts which will adapt the speed to the characteristics of the primary energy source.

With a bloc stator/rotor moulded in resin, Turbiwatt's generators are water tight by construction and can be immersed. This advantage is particularly sought after when installations are carried out on a river subjected to floods that can submerge the whole installation (Archimedes screws turbines for example).

Turbiwatt is at your disposal to study any personalised solutions.