T1300 Tigre

Nominal power  24 to 130 kW depending on head and flow
Nominal head  from 1,20 m up to 7 m
Nominal flow from 800 l/s up to 4 000 l/s, above, please consult us
Materials corrosion treated steel
Three phase high efficiency generator 400 volts 50 Hz
Permanent magnet technology

This is the latest turbine developed by Turbiwatt. It benefits the experience from the Leopard T400 and Lion T800. Optimised for flows starting around 800 litres up to 4 000 litres per second, for heads from 1,20 m up to 7 m. The wider inlet diameter (1300 mm) allows this turbine to use much larger flows and can replace three to four Lion T800 turbines in parallel depending on the head.

The natural vocation of this turbine is rivers with important flows and is a performant and economical alternative to Archimedes Screw turbines; often more expensive, noisier and space consuming. Totally immersed, it is silent and required civil works is reduced.

Like the other models of our range, the Tigre T1300 is designed around modular generator of nominal powers that in term will range from 24 to 130 kW, in 400 volts three phase.

Installation can be carried out for one unit, in series or in parallel, and can be positioned either vertically, horizontally or inclined. The Tigre turbine is a hydroelectric turbine designed for great durability and minimum maintenance.

The turbine is composed of the following parts:

  • Turbine with adjustable blades (adjusted in factory)
  • Draft pipe composed of two parts:
    • A standard draft pipe in fibre reinforced concrete which will rest on its extension
    • Extension concrete draft pipe in standard concrete
      • Small extension draft pipe for flows under 1 500 l/s
      • Long extension draft pipe for flows above 1 500 l/s

Installation is simple and civil works limited. The bearings are designed to operate 100 000 hours. Water tightness is dually ensured, first by the water tight stator/rotor set in resin and reinforced by the high performance mechanical ceramic seals.

For further information, download the technical specification sheet of the Tigre turbine